Working in Sweden as a physiotherapist – Fysioterapeuterna

Working in Sweden


Physiotherapist is a protected professional title and can only be used by those who hold a license to practice. Physiotherapist are one of 21 regulated health care professions in Sweden. You will find information about how to get a license to practice on the website of the National board of health and welfare. Below are information for those who come from within a EU /EEA member state and for those outside the EU/EEA.

Getting a job

Job opportunities are found through the Swedish Public Employment Service. Using your network of contacts and friends and direct contact with employers are also potential ways to find jobs.

How Sweden is governed

The links below direct you to information about Swedish legislation, government and ministries.

Other websites

This link goes to the official website of Sweden where you can find general information about Sweden and its health care system.

Health care is under the auspices of national law but is planned and provided through local and regional authorities. Below are links to the association that represents all the local authorities and regions, SKR

The National board of health and welfare is a government agency under the ministry of health and welfare. They have a wide range of duties among them giving support exert influence and supervise health care.

The Swedish council on health technology assessment, or SBU, is commissioned as an independent public authority. It promotes and carry out scientific assessment in health care that aims to identify interventions with the greatest benefit for patients while utilizing resources in the most efficient way.