IFPTOHE June 2022 Newsletter – Fysioterapeuterna

2022-06-13 09:32

IFPTOHE June 2022 Newsletter

Nu finns ett nytt nyhetsbrev att läsa.

Dear Member Organisations,

We bring you the IFPTOHE June 2022 Newsletter, please share it with your own members.


Webinars and discussions

On 16th May 2022 we followed up our successful ‘IFPTOHE - Working Together’ webinar #3 which focussed on Standards for physiotherapists working in OHE practice, with a Zoom discussion of 14 interested colleagues. Beatriz Sanz-Bustillo Aguirre (Spain) started off the session with a summary of key points from our prior webinar, and gave us some direction for further discussion which was held in breakout rooms. Two of our past speakers on this topic Barbara McPhee (Australia) and Tracey Atkinson (UK) joined the discussion. We found out that newly formed groups and those developing physiotherapy skills regarding occupational health & ergonomics (or OHE) in their country would value having standards of practice to help them direct their learning and focus their activities. More established organisations are finding it is timely to revise their own existing standards. The consensus was it would be helpful for this IFPTOHE to work towards developing global standards for Physiotherapy OHE practice, while recognising the differences in practice standards and experience in our Member Organisations. Thus, the standards need to be suitable for interpretation/guiding all of our MOs. Please watch out for further development on this topic.

Diary Date

On September 8th 2022 we will hold our next working together webinar titled” Successful Return to Work”. Guest speakers will include Cassandra Zaina (Return to Work, South Australia), Doug Gross (University of Alberta, Canada).  Please save the date, more details to follow on this most interesting session. 

Future topics

If you have ideas for future webinar topics and suggested speakers, please let the Executive Committee members know.


World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 to be held in Dubai, June 2023 and a call for Abstracts has been made. Please prepare to share your good work/research with peers in this forum.

A Subgroup Leaders Meeting was held in Dubai March 12-13th 2022. Our Vice President Yvonne van Zaanen represented IFPTOHE. Some key points discussed were

-        World Physio and all subgroups liaise well and will work together in the future to revise constitutions

-        Commitment for mapping external ecosystem of subgroups – (stakeholders important to our work)

-        Future involvement of subgroups in the General Meeting and Congress was explored

-        World Physio’s support for leadership development was embraced by the subgroups

As a campaign partner in ‘Lighten the load Europe’, IFPTOHE was invited to present regarding our specialized physiotherapists in a webinar of Europe Region World Physiotherapy. Vice-president, Yvonne van Zaanen presented specific objectives of physiotherapists working in OHE regarding the management of Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Feedback from you: We are in the process of developing an e-survey to gain your feedback about our activities. This will be sent to the Member Organisation key contact person in the second half of the year.


We welcomed the Polish Occupational Health and Ergonomics Physiotherapy Group as a member elect of IFPTOHE, from May 2022. 


Call for Executive Committee members IFPTOHE – currently we have one vacant position on the executive committee – would you like to participate and join us initially as a volunteer? Please let us know.

Call for volunteers We welcomed volunteers to assist us: Naomichi Matsunaga and Kazuki Okura (from Japan);  Ruen Jewnerain from  South Africa.


We will be in touch later in the year, with our best wishes

from the Executive Committee


Rose Boucaut (Australia, rose.boucaut@unisa.edu.au), Yvonne van Zaanen (The Netherlands), Marisa Coetzee (South Africa, marisacoetzee@outlook.com), Vasiliki Sakellari (Greece), Kjerstin Stigmar (Sweden), Nic Suckley (United Kingdom).

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IFPTOHE June 2022 Newsletter

2022-06-13 09:32

Nu finns ett nytt nyhetsbrev att läsa.