Swedish Association of Registered Physiotherapists – Fysioterapeuterna

Swedish Association of Physiotherapists

The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists is a professional body as well as a trade union. We promote the profession and serve our members on all levels.

Number of members:

Around 12 400 members.


21 District Committees and an Executive Committee of elected representatives on national level. 16 Interest groups in varying professional fields.

Our magazine:

Fysioterapi www.fysioterapi.se

Contact us:

Box 3196, S-103 63 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone +46 8 567 06 100
e-mail: kansli@fysioterapeuterna.se 
Visiting Address: Vasagatan 48, Stockholm

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Guest membership

If you are a physiotherapist working in Sweden, paying full membership fee to your home association in any of the Nordic countries, you have the possibility of guest membership with Fysioterapeuterna (The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists). The guest membership is valid for up to one year.

You will get our magazine (in swedish) sent to you.  

Read more about the agreement between the Nordic membership organizations  here